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Fishing in Gowna

Gowna is well known for fishing and Gowna is a good place from which to explore and fish at Lough Gowna. There are several places to fish in Gowna and fishing at Loch Gowna can done lakeside and by hiring out a fishing boat.

Fishing in Gowna at Louch Gowna
Lough Gowna provides excellent pike fishing and there are many areas which provide good bank fishing. Most of the shore fishing is accessible from public access points and is on clean banks. Lough Gowna produces pike all year round but is most productive from March to May and from September to November.

Fishing in Gowna at Aghanoran
Aghanoran is approximately 3km from Gowna village. The shoreline is a popular spot for anglers fishing roach and fishing bream.

Fishing in Gowna at Cloone Lake
This water is generally shallow but has some deeper water that holds good shoals of bream and roach.

Fishing in Gowna at Corfree
Corfree has good access to bank fishing and is good if fishing for skimmer bream, roach and hybrids. Corfree is north of Gowna village.

Fishing in Gowna at Church Lake
This is one of the most popular winter fishing spots on Lough Gowna. Church Lake is west of Gowna village and the fishing for roach bream and hybrids is generally good.

Fishing in Gowna at Dernaferst
Some of the shoreline here is public property. All coarse angling methods can be effective in these areas. Dernaferst is approximately 3km south west of Gowna village.

Fishing in Cavan - Fishing at Dring
Dring is approximately 7km from Gowna village. Dring gives access to the southern basin of Lough Gowna and some of the deepest fishing water. Dring is good for fishing bream and roach.

Fishing in Cavan - Fishing at Lisanny
Lisanny is approximately 3.5km from Gowna village. The lake is one of the smaller basins of the Lough Gowna system. Lisanny is good for fishing bream.

Fishing in Cavan - Fishing at Rosduff
This is one of the most popular spots and is a favourite of match anglers. This area is good for fishing roach hybrids and skimmer bream.

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